At Baregota Travel, we believe that travel is not just about reaching a destination; it’s about creating a unique story that reflects your individual passions and desires. Embark on a sensational journey as we work together to design your extraordinary dream experience in enchanting landscapes and at the heart of Ethiopian communities.

Here are some suggestions...

Customize any of our tours

All of our standard tours can be customized to meet your specific interests and needs.

Learn how to document your experience

Learn the techniques to design a travel publication or to create a photo/video diary. Learn how to share your experiences respectfully, helping to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the communities you visit.

Apprenticeships and mentorship

Explore the possibility of apprenticing with a local artist or artisan. A more extended stay may allow for a deeper, hands-on learning experience under the guidance of a skilled mentor.

Homestays and cultural immersion

Opt for homestay experiences where you can live with local families and observe or participate in their daily artistic practices. Engaging in daily life with locals provides an authentic context for learning, fostering a deeper understanding of the art form.

Discover the Ethiopian art and heritage

Join guided tours that focus on the local art and cultural heritage. Knowledgeable guides can provide insights into the historical significance of various art forms and connect you with practitioners.

Language exchange programs

Consider language exchange programs that incorporate art and cultural elements. Learning the local language can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the artistic expressions within the community.

Live from inside cultural events

Attend local festivals and events where traditional arts are showcased. Such gatherings often feature demonstrations, performances, and opportunities for hands-on learning.

Collaborate with local organizations

Connect with local schools, art institutions, or community centers that may offer art programs for visitors. This can provide a structured learning environment and foster interaction with local students.

How we can enhance your travel experiences in Ethiopia by leveraging our expertise, creativity, and understanding of your preferences.

In-depth Client Consultations: we conduct thorough interviews and questionnaires to understand clients’ preferences, interests, and travel goals. We consider factors such as preferred travel style, budget, special occasions, and any specific requirements or restrictions.

Custom Itinerary Planning: we tailor travel itineraries based on the client’s interests and preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized experience. We offer a variety of options for accommodations, activities, and dining that align with the client’s tastes.

Local and Authentic Experiences: we focus on incorporating authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences that allow clients to immerse themselves in the local culture. We suggest unique activities, local events, or connections with local communities to create memorable moments.

Real-Time Assistance: we provide 24/7 support during the trip for any unexpected issues or changes. We use communication channels like messaging apps to stay connected with clients and address their needs promptly.

Collaboration with Local Experts: we establish partnerships with local guides, chefs, and other experts to offer clients unique insights and access to exclusive experiences. Leverage local knowledge to create personalized recommendations tailored to individual preferences.

Flexible and Dynamic Planning: we are adaptable and open to last-minute changes based on client feedback or unexpected opportunities. We offer flexible itineraries that can be adjusted according to the client’s evolving interests.

Post-Trip Follow-Up: we gather feedback from clients after their trip to understand their experiences and preferences. We use this feedback to continually refine and improve future travel designs.

Cultural Sensitivity: we ensure that our travels respects and aligns with the cultural sensitivities of the destinations. We provide guidance on cultural norms and etiquette to enhance the overall travel experience.

Environmental and Social Responsibility: we always incorporate sustainable and responsible travel practices into the itinerary. We promote eco-friendly accommodations, responsible tourism activities, and support for local communities.

By combining these elements, we create truly personalized and memorable travel experiences that cater to your unique preferences and interests.

Let us design your trip

Embark on a sensational journey as we work together to design your extraordinary dream experience in enchanting landscapes and at the heart of Ethiopian communities.

Whatever your interest — nature, trekking, photography, travel writing, social research, journalism, textile arts, ceramics, jewelry making, history, archaeology, spiritual practices — by partnering with well-known professionals and experts in these fields, we can create a perfectly customized trip for you.