The company

Baregota Travel and Tour is one of the leading sustainable tourism travel companies in Ethiopia. We pride ourselves on incorporating the principles of community empowerment and sustainable development into the way we provide travelers with authentic, real-world experiences. We infuse all of our tours with environmental and social value, foster long-term relationships with local communities, offer meaningful cultural exchanges, ensure that your stay supports businesses that treat their people well, ensure fair employment of local guides, and provide additional investment in the economic development of destination regions.

The founder

Amlaku Yaregal Teshome is the founder of Baregota Tour and Travel. His journey is a remarkable one. The youngest of four children, he was born in Baregota, a remote village 8 kilometers by foot from Lalibela, Ethiopia. He was raised by his widowed father and by his sister.

At the age of 12, he ran away from home to get an education in Lalibela. He attended school half the day and did odd jobs the other half to earn money for food. At first, he slept on the street and did his homework under a streetlight.

A chance meeting in 2009 with Ric Foxley, a New Zealand tourist, gave him the opportunity to go to university, where he studied Plant Science and graduated in June 2013.

This led to several agricultural projects in his village, funded by the ongoing New Zealand connection he has established. Through these projects, his dream of bringing his 200-year-old birthplace into the modern age has become a reality.

In 2017, in addition to his village work, Amlaku completed a tourism diploma and has since spent his time guiding tourists around the ancient rock churches of Lalibela. In early 2020, he started his own tour company, Baregota Tour and Travel.

What being a responsible travel company means to Baregota Travel

As a responsible travel business, also known as sustainable or ethical travel business, Baregota Travel prioritizes environmental, social, and economic sustainability in its operations.

Such businesses aim to minimize their negative impact on the environment, promote cultural preservation, and contribute positively to local communities. Here are some key features of a responsible travel business:

Environmental Conservation: The business takes steps to minimize its ecological footprint, such as reducing energy consumption, promoting waste reduction and recycling, and supporting conservation efforts.

Community Engagement: Responsible travel businesses actively engage with and contribute to the well-being of local communities. This may involve employing local staff, supporting community projects, and respecting local customs and traditions.

Cultural Preservation: These businesses work to preserve and respect the cultural heritage of the destinations they operate in. This includes educating travelers about local customs, promoting cultural exchange, and avoiding activities that may harm cultural sites.

Economic Benefits: Responsible travel businesses contribute to the economic development of the destinations they operate in by providing fair wages and working conditions for local employees. They also support local businesses and artisans.

Wildlife Protection: Businesses engaged in wildlife tourism take steps to ensure the welfare and conservation of local flora and fauna. This may involve adhering to ethical wildlife viewing practices and supporting conservation initiatives.

Educational Initiatives: Responsible travel businesses often incorporate educational components into their offerings, helping travelers understand the local environment, culture, and social issues. This promotes awareness and responsible behavior among tourists.

Small Group Tourism: Encouraging small group tourism helps minimize the impact on local resources and communities. It allows for a more personalized and authentic experience while reducing the environmental and cultural impact.

Transparent Business Practices: A responsible travel business is transparent about its practices, including its environmental policies, community engagement initiatives, and the distribution of economic benefits.

Our partner

Baregota Travel and Tour collaborates with Ayzoh! (Ayzoh APS), an Italy-based non-profit organization of media, design and social research professionals.

Founded in 2008 by photographers Claudio Maria Lerario, Dorin Mihai and Giulia Zhang, Ayzoh! uses photography, design and editorial production to create powerful tools for social innovation in small, marginalized communities.

In addition to supporting the development of our social projects, Ayzoh! — with its internationally renowned professional photographers — offers its expertise to our clients for customized photo tours and workshops in Ethiopia.

Where we are

In Addis Ababa, Baregota Travel and Tour office is located at Kaleb Hotel which is five minutes drive from Bole International Airport and within walking distance of most shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and many embassies and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Lalibela Office