About the workshops

Indulge your wanderlust and delve deep into the vibrant mosaic of Ethiopian culture and traditions with our bespoke workshops at Baregota Travel & Tour. Crafted to reflect your unique passions and desires, these immersive experiences promise a journey like no other.

Embark on a discovery where creativity knows no bounds. Not only will you master extraordinary techniques, but you’ll also have the chance to weave your own narrative, sculpt your own artifacts, and paint your own stories. Each moment spent will be a canvas for self-expression, ensuring that you leave with tangible mementos infused with the essence of an unforgettable adventure.



Capturing essence, crafting stories: unleashing the transformative power of visual storytelling.
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Unlock the secrets of an ancient art form and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Ethiopian culture with Baregota Travel & Tour's exclusive weaving retreat.
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100% customizable

This experience is tailored to your needs, your level of knowledge of these techniques, your time availability, and your budget.

Learn from the best

Whichever destination you choose for your workshop, you will learn from the best professionals and work with the best local artisans, the keepers and handlers of this ancient Ethiopian tradition.

Choice of location

When planning this unique experience, we will suggest different locations where you can do it, and we will explain the particularities of each of them.

For individuals or groups

For individuals or groups. This experience can be enjoyed individually or together with a small group of enthusiasts: to ensure that everyone can enjoy every moment to the full and concentrate on creating their own masterpieces, these groups are made up of a maximum of six people.

Can be combined with any of our tours

If, in addition to learning this art, you want to explore the history, beauty and culture of Ethiopia, you can combine it with any of our tours in the North, South or Addis Ababa.